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Lots of good points here and there’s definitely a lot of repeated problems across the tech industry when it comes to tech tests (personally, I’m not a fan.). One of the biggest issues I find with them is the amount of time that candidates are expected to commit to and where they turn from knowledge-testing exercises and into larger projects that are unpaid.

These can be very trying and overly time-consuming when applying for multiple roles at a time. Especially when uncompensated.


If a candidate is lucky enough to be entertaining multiple offers it can be quite the burden at the same time. Then if the same person is supporting a family and has all the stress of that on them it’s a compound problem. Candidates definitely need to negotiate time management but at the same time don’t be afraid to turn down the next round if things don’t feel right. I never accept unpaid work. No one should, no matter the circumstances. It sets harmful precedents that allow people to take advantage of others.

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