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Bento-starter v1.0.0 is out ✨ (#PWA, #boilerplate, #vue.js, #firebase)

kefranabg profile image Franck Abgrall ・1 min read

🍱 bento-starter is an Open-Source Full-Stack boilerplate solution that helps you to build fast and maintainable web applications using tools like Vue.js, Firebase, Progressive Web Apps support, dynamic offline support... The goal of this project is to provide a powerful and well configured stack (with CI/CD, hosting...) so you can focus on writing your web application very quickly.

If you want more information about the bento-starter stack, please refer to this article :

Some news about the v1.0.0 :

  • ✨ Update service worker workflow has been improved
  • ✨ A setup command has been added to make install step easier
  • ✨ A bento-starter slack has been created : join here
  • 🐛 3 bug fixes
  • Full changelog is available here

Links :


Demo :


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