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Swiftly learning Swift

This week I am looking into the swift language which is used for iOS apps. So far I think it's so cool and an easy language to grasp. What I know so far about coding definitely plays a part in how quickly I am picking this up.

A few things that stood out:

  1. the string interpolation - this is used to input a variable into a string using (backslash ()(variable))
    Example, I am (age) years old.

  2. in swift constants are declared using the let keyword

What is cool to me:

  1. else/if statements

  2. ternary conditional operator (this finally makes sense to me. I've seen it in example codes but never knew its use.)

  3. Switch statements

    • interval matching
    • compound cases

Until next time !

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hey Keda, I've also been working in swift and creating my first ever iOS app, we can think of collaborating in some project for future ?