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Discussion on: What advice would you give someone thinking about a career in software?

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Andrew McKeever

I actually studied Psychology at univeristy after starting in business first. I disliked business a lot so focused on something I enjoyed, hence the change to Psychology. I dont regret the decision at all, but finding jobs related to Psychology is hard and student loans are expensive so eventually I learned to program.

My advice, assuming your stuying in the U.S., would be that if you're unsure if CS is what you want to persue, minor in it and major in one of the other areas youre thinking about. You've got a good head start by not only programming, but also enjoying it and this field has some great resources for learning on your own that many other fields dont. College is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and grow yourself as an adult, but remember that it does come at a cost when it's all said and done so leave with a degree that will help you pay for that opportunity.

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Katie Nelson Author

Hey Andrew,
Thanks so much for that.
Lot's of decisions ahead for me.