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what is manual testing and advantages and dis-advantages of manual testing

Manual testing is nothing but testing the application with out using any automation tools or testing the test cases manually by the tester with respect to the given requirement If s/w is launched to end-users without testing it they may “come across defects” they may spread the “negative words” about the application, and the number of users who uses the application will “drastically reduces” .it will effects the “Business” and its leads to “loss of it” To avoid all these things Testing has to be done.
In manual testing there are three types of testing they are
1.White box testing
2.Black box testing
3.Grey box testing
White box testing is done by developer as he works on sources code
Black box testing is done by tester
Grey box testing is done the person who good at both coding and testing
Advantages of manual testing is that it does not require coding knowledge.
It ensures that the software is hundred percent bug free.
Dis-advantages of manual testing it requires more no of resources to perform manual testing.
It is lot of time taking process.

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