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Material Design for Bootstrap v7 is out!

Some of the changes in MDB Major Release v7.0:

Breaking changes:
Changed HTML init for all components and plugins to unified data attributes
Unified event and method names, added new events, removed some methods
Changed names of Javascript files
We moved from preparing files with compiled modules for every component to using ES modules.
Removed appendValidationInfo and enableValidation options
Renamed headID option to headId
Renamed bodyID option to bodyId
To make transition to MDB v7 easier we prepared a list of changes needed in existing projects, which you can find in Migration guide

Design updates:
Introduced a new theming system that allows setting the theme for the entire page, its parts, or selected elements using data attributes.

Fixed & improved:
fixed dispose to restore custom content
fixed infinite error after image loading error
WYSIWYG - fixed padding in the dropdown when WYSIWYG is used in the form
Calendar - fixed validation issues in the add event modal
Treeview - added support for custom ID for treeview items
Table editor - fixed pagination to be responsive
Removed option switchToMonthViewLabel
Changed default values for switchToMultiYearViewLabel and switchToDayViewLabel options
Lightbox - removed option fontAwesome
Removed option dataLabelsPlugin
Added register method allowing controllers registration
enhance the dispose method for all components

Changed bundler used for compilation to Vite

MDB v7:
🖼️ 721+ design BLOCKS
⚗️ 19+ lab CONCEPTS
⚙️ 6 backend INTEGRATIONS
✔️ LIFETIME license
✔️ 12m. premium SUPPORT
✔️ 12m. UPDATES

React, Angular and Vite Integrations Available

Check out Material Design for Bootstrap HERE

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