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#FIGMA Material Minimal Design System: Updated & Extended

What is Material Minimal Design System?

The base for the MDBootstrap and TW Elements libraries, an improved version of the classic Material Design. Material Minimal seeks a golden mean between the naturalness of the real world and the functionality necessary in the digital world. On the one hand, Material Minimal appreciates and uses the standard created by Google, and on the other hand improves it, giving it lightness, subtlety, and elegance.

Latest Updates & Improvements: 🧱Components. Over 4000 Variants now. 🔥🔥🔥

➕ Added some that were missing: Sidenav, Scrollspy, Button group, Lightbox, Placeholders, Popconfirm, Popovers, Charts, Charts advanced, Tables, Datatables, Datetimepicker, Carousel.

➕ Already existing Components have been enriched with new variants. For example: many new Cards, Navbars, Footers, and many others were created, mostly those that had such options in all our colour variants.

➕Where it was possible and necessary, mobile versions were added, e.g., Navbar, Footer, Header, in Tables and DataTables.

➕ More resolutions (desktop, MacBook, iPad horizontal, iPad vertical, iPhone). Improved the responsiveness of inputs, including the Label - they are now fully adapted to all resolutions, and can be used to create elegant forms (this improvement in responsiveness is an important topic, as users reported a problem).

➕Improved the responsiveness of many other Components.

➕The library also now features many new Icons (and variants) in the form of a Component ready to use in three different sizes: Including, byt not limited to, social media icons (Twitter updated to X).

➕Some Components have been animated, e.g., Carousel, Lightbox , Pills, Tabs, Accordion, Collapse, Dropdown (basic version), List group, Modal (one specific), Placeholder, Rating, Spinners, Tables (scroll horizontally on mobile). Basic Bar Chart also animates individual data now💪💪💪

Download 🆓 Figma files below & leave a ❤
Material Minimal Design System on Figma

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