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Setup a docker registry on Synology

kedzior_io profile image Artur Kędzior ・2 min read

On many occasions I found myself in the situation where I had to deploy quickly a web application and demo it a customer or product owner. Deployment these days with cloud services such as Microsoft Azure is really easy but still requires a little bit of time for initial setup (web app and database).

I figure that deploying it to docker container hosted on my office network is much faster solution.

Here is how it's done:

As a reference I'm using my company's domain - replace it with your own.

1. Setup docker registry container on your Synology

Alt Text

Alt Text

2. Setup SSL Certificate from Let's Encrypt

Alt Text

Alt Text

3. Setup Reverse Proxy

Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

4. Test docker registry endpoint

Alt Text

5. Build docker image and push to the registry

In this example I'm building Blazor Web Assembly App on Windows 10 It might be obvious but make sure Docker Desktop is installed and running.

Build docker image:

docker build -t gp-web -f Dockerfile .

Tag it

docker tag gp-web:latest

Push to docker registry

docker push

Your image should be visible here

6. Configure your private registry in Synology Docker

Alt Text

You should see your image and be able to install it.

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