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Been working in the IT business since 2001 but never felt too confident to share my knowledge with the rest of the community. Started out programming cash registers using proprietary software, dipped my toes into .NET on my next job when it first came out but the next couple of years were mostly building webforms (just forms!) so not that exciting. Tried to go into consultancy next to experience newer things but, except for 1 excellent job (before I went on a world trip), never really got me anywhere until I found my current (fixed) job. Assisted in introducing .NET MVC into the company, been able to learn on the job and applying the latest in tech, project after project... Azure, JS frameworks as Knockout and Vue, self-hosted services... Always after extensive research about whether we could/should use it or not, creating a fond knowledge about different kinds of things, resulting in enough confidence to start sharing stuff. Hopefully, this will last as other (skilled) developers will eventually review the things I will write :)

PS: About my favorite non-coding hobby. That would be ice-hockey, active as a goalie and passive as a crazy San Jose Sharks fan.
PPS: I'm Belgian!


Welcome Kevin. Yes, it's me. Your colleague.😊


Then I'm glad I only said positive things about my current job :D

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