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Super fast 🚀 windows search tool | Everything


Most of the time during development we end up searching files other than our project files. Or Sometimes working on personal files.

Searching 🧐 files becomes de facto standard for developers.

We may also confused with multiple duplicate files. In this post we going to see a wonderful file name based search tool Everything . You can download here.

About Everything

Everything is search engine that locates files and folders by filename instantly for Windows

When you type search, Everything initially displays every file and folder on your computer

Everything tool

  • 🏳️‍🌈 Clean and simple user interface.
  • ⚡️ Quick file indexing.
  • ⚡️ Quick searching.
  • ⚡️ Quick startup.
  • 📉 Minimal resource usage.
  • 🛢 Small database on disk.
  • 🏎️ Real-time updating.


On type Everything displays all the related files

Everything demo animation picture


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