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Cloud Monitoring API For Enabled API And IAM Resources In GCP K8S Cloud Shell Region

Step 1:
Initializing GCP VM Instance SSH Node For Distributed YAML Function

Apache Server 1 - Metrics 1 API Cloud Monitoring

1st Cloud Backports API In Ingress Mode Analytics

Compatibility In GCP Cloud Storage Bucket And Its API/IAM For Retrieving Metrics:
Cloud Monitoring API
Workbench GUI 1:
curl -sS0 1).yaml

                 [Cloud Monitoring API](URL 2 Query)

                                          Workbench GUI 2:
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curl -sS0 -l

-l indicates list of all CLI and GCP privileges that can be scaled for downward Pub/Sub topics allocated in a Cloud Shell
Step 2:
Query :
Select cpu.utilzation,api_privileges from GCP_Project_ID1,GCP_Project_ID2 where (Backport_Nodes MIN_BY Cloud Monitoring API) Group By GUI1,Apache Server 1
Group By GUI1,Apache Server 2(Depends upon frequency of GCP K8S Cloud Shell)

In the above query,We have to find out exact amount of CPU Utilization for simultaneous API that can be enabled for GUI 1 for both project_id

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