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📽 Presentador: Build a presentation by writing Markdown

kbariotis profile image Kostas Bariotis ・1 min read

More often than not, when I'm creating a presentation, I find myself being distracted on each slide by the looks of it and start editing and altering the fonts and colors and sizes.

All I want is to write a presentation and make my points. That's why I built Presentador.

📽 With Presentador, you write your presentation in Markdown files and it will produce a beautiful website. No code or configuration required.

It's easy! Let me show you how:

Write your presentation

Create a folder and start writing your presentation in Markdown files. Create one file for each slide and name them after the order you want them to take, e.g.,, etc.

Use regular Markdown. Presentador will parse each slide and assign a predefined layout to each of them based on the elements in them.

If you find a combination of elements that could be presented differently, please open an issue. 👍

Build your presentation


> npx presentador build -d FOLDER_NAME

and Presentador will produce a website ready to be hosted anywhere you want.

While developing your presentation, run npx presentador serve -d FOLDER_NAME for instant changes while you're editing it.

That's it!

Head over to to see it in action. 🙂

Let me know what you think, I really need your feedback to make Presentador better.

Also, Presentador is open source. Let's build it together. 🤝

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aahnik profile image
Aahnik Daw

Wow! Can you please write a GitHub action that will deploy to GitHub pages ?

In this way, users don't need to have npm or download anything.

kbariotis profile image
Kostas Bariotis Author

That's a great idea! Will make a note of it :)

thejavascriptninja profile image
The Javascript Ninja

Really cool tool! I love it! I've already made presentations with it and they've turned out smashingly. One cool thing you could add is if you could embed presentations on other pages.

kbariotis profile image
Kostas Bariotis Author

WOW AMAZING idea! :) Thanks

abdurrkhalid333 profile image
Abdur Rehman Khalid

This tool looks pretty cool I will surely give it a try whenever I find an opportunity to give any presentation. Thank you for writing such a small and accurate article.

jeansmaug profile image

Really like these kind of tools.

How would you compare Presentador with tools such as Marp or mdx-deck ?

kbariotis profile image
Kostas Bariotis Author

Thank you @jean-smaug! I want Presentador to be as simple as possible. No config, no libraries, no code.

Thanks for sharing those two libraries, they both look amazing. :)

daniguardiola profile image
Dani Guardiola_

Nice! The playground seems down though

kbariotis profile image
Kostas Bariotis Author

Thanks! That's a typo in the link :)