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Kostas Bariotis
Kostas Bariotis

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Learning to code by doing essential little projects

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When I was learning to code for the first time, I was always eager to find tutorials out on the wild to follow in order to better understand concepts that I was not familiar with.

I was selective though. Not just any tutorial would do. I wanted by the end of my sit to have something to show. Something that would make sense.

I remember learning PHP and my favorite tutorial would be a login page. I learned a lot by following lots of different tutorials that were about a simple form. I learned about authenticating users, correctly hashing and storing passwords, common security-related issues, and more just by doing a simple login page. I had learned about the authentication system.

It was fun!


But I can't find that any more. Tutorials nowadays are all about common libraries and technologies that even if you learn to use, you would still not have an understanding of the fundamentals. Just the fundamentals to use that specific library.

I want to fix this.

I want to make learning to code fun again. To make it about learning the fundamentals.

I want to build a mailing list. I will send you an exercise every week. A simple little project with a clear objective and of essential use. If you stuck or you have any questions, I will be right behind my inbox to assist you.

This is for beginners to start upskilling by doing useful projects that can actually show. Even for intermediates that are looking for motivation to sharpen their existing skills.

Let's make code fun again

Are you interested? Send me an email to I will start sending out the first projects in a few weeks.

Thank you. Speak to you soon.

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pinelakias profile image

Will follow these tutorials, hope they will help me "understand" programming!

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Tallat Mahmud

Any One wanna share thoughts on AI?

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