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TechUltra Solutions Improves UK Industries with Open-Source ERP Solutions

kazimmirza profile image Kazim Mirza ・1 min read

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In July 2016 Kazim Mirza started TechUltra Solutions, Company is working on ERP systems and Mobile Technologies. Expertly in ERP System customization and consultation, Mr. Mirza has given the simplest solutions to quite 110 customers and counting...

Mr. Mirza has taken the corporation to the leading ERP service provider within the world. TechUltra Solutions is now trading with top 50 ERP Solutions providers.

As a corporation, TechUltra Solutions has the admirable mission of becoming one among the foremost recognized and revered companies within the UK's ERP industry. They constantly seek evolution, growth, and reinvention, while helping strengthen the presence of Odoo software within the UK.

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