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How to Setup Odoo via Docker

kazimmirza profile image Kazim Mirza ・1 min read

Docker is an application-level deployment tool that permits the developers and users to form, deploy, run and maintain their applications by using containers. These containers enable the developers to integrate various parts of their software developing packages/tools/environments/libraries into one instance. By doing this, developers can run their applications within the other environment without worrying of their dependency variations.

Docker behaves kind of a virtual machine. By using Docker functionalities with Odoo 13, the user doesn’t get to stress about the dependencies, packages then forth. Just consider the Odoo image. Odoo has all the required packages and libraries within this image. Thus, Docker makes things easy for both developers and end-users. Let’s explore the key steps to put in Odoo 13 via Docker.

In this blog, I have explained how you install Odoo Using Docker. It is as simple as making a cup of tea.

The docker engine is only suitable for the 64bit operating system. Install Docker in Ubuntu 18.0.4

Make sure that the machine's CPU supports virtualization technology and virtualization support is enabled in BIOS.

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