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How Odoo ERP System Can Help Your Business In 2021

kazimmirza profile image Kazim Mirza ・2 min read

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As we all know Odoo may be a business management software bundled with many modules including Accounting, CRM, E-commerce, Inventory, HRMS, and lots of more. Odoo was formerly referred to as Open ERP and was founded by Fabien Pincakers in 2005. The word Odoo stands for On-Demand Open Project. the rationale why it's named Odoo is that it's an Open Source Software and it are often customized consistent with the business needs. Since the launch of Odoo in 2005, It’s been leading the ERP software market with 5 Million Satisfied user’s across the world.

Many businesses use several different software systems to manage the various aspects of their business, for instance, QuickBooks for accounting, SalesForce for CRM, and PeopleMatter for human resources. Oftentimes these different software solutions cannot communicate with one another, complicating matters and leaving much room for errors when data must be transferred from one platform to a different one. Using Odoo means having all of those functions, plus far more, integrated into one software, employing a different module for every business need. This facilitates the sharing of data between the modules, reducing errors, and time needed to finish tasks.

For many, their business is simply a begin. For few their business may be a small scale and that they cannot make big investments. For other, their business could also be an outsized scale but their investments are made already hence they're trying to find something which will help them mapped out during a minimal. Odoo is such platform where you'll have your business solution with least expenditure. It updates itself constantly. it's a bit like the other apps that have time to time messages or notification for any updates. it's open-source software and it doesn't have licensing fee.

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