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[Python]Telegram Automation

Telegram Automation


It is a sample of using Python code to control the Telegram Windows client and send messages to contacts and the Telegram channel.

Step by Step

  1. Set up Clicknium

    • Install VS Code Clicknium Extension
    • Use the extension to install Clicknium Python SDK
  2. Log in to your Telegram client.

  3. Capture the search bar

    • Click Capture button capture button
    • Use Ctrl + Click to capture search bar search bar
    • Get the search bar locator search bar locator
    • Validate the locator validate locator The validation would be failed. The most simple way to debug this issue, we can use a new feature provided by Clicknium: Recapture & Compare recatpure After recapturing the search bar, we can get the compared model to check the difference between the old and new. compare It's easy to get the difference between the old and new is the name attribute. There is a number that follows the word "Telegram." We can use the wildcard to fix it by changing the number 383784 to * and saving the locator. Validate again, and it will succeed.
  4. Set text into the search bar

  5. Include the Clicknium package into your Python code and set the contacts name into the search bar using Clicknium API.

from clicknium import clicknium as cc, locator

cc.find_element(locator.telegram.contact_search).set_text("DK H")
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  1. Select the contacts by pressing the Enter key. More codes of the key can be found at the page
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  1. Capture the message text input and send messages button using the same way as step 3.
  2. Code the workflow into Python. You can check the sample in the file.

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