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We vs Virus Hackathon: Giev likez plz!

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This weekend I'm participating in the "We vs Virus" hackathon by the German government.


It's probably the biggest hackathon in Germany ever, with

over 40000 participants!

Anyway, my team and I are planning, designing, and implementing an app that helps people to do what many devs love:


So I figured, you may want to support us? :D

Alt Text

The app is called "CareAnTiny" and you would care, Tamagotchi like, for a plant that grows when you are at home. It also features ideas of things you can to do at home and a leaderboard that should motivate by seeing that others stay at home too!

Alt Text

If we win, we get resources to turn this thing further than a prototype!

So, anyway, would be cool if you like and share :)

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I too have been participating in this, this weekend. Not going to plug your post here for our own marketing. 😁

Quite impressive that 'twas planned in a week and we got over 40,000 participants. I hope they'll do that some time again.


Yeah, crazy stuff.

They said this was the biggest Hackathon ever and it was my first one, lol



There's a similar app called Forest, though its focus is on helping people be more productive.