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re: I don't watch live streams or listen to podcasts, but I hear people loving such things. That's kinda why I wouldn't suggest doing it :P If you do...

That's kinda why I wouldn't suggest doing it :P

Yes, people here don't seem pro-streaming. Maybe it's a bad idea, but that's why I asked :)

If you don't know what people look for in the media, maybe start with another form that's straighter forward like Youtube uploads. Then you can edit and publish on your own time, and people can watch whenever.

My idea was to get something going that isn't as serious as recording a video and cut it.

Doing some stuff that I don't really need for my job, just because it could be interesting and maybe having a few people around that throw in ideas I wouldn't have when doing this on my own. Experimenting with new tech etc.

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