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Just how in the world does one keep up with it all?

You don't keep up with all, but with the parts that interest you, or the parts that you think will bring you good money in the future.

If I don't keep up, will I still be taken seriously as a developer?

Depends on who you work with. I've worked with many people who have the skill-level you talk about and they always found customers. As long as there is a market for basic web development work you'll probably do fine.

Is there a place in the dev community for those who are marketers first, and developers second?

I think so. My girlfriend studied marketing and now has to do some basic web development stuff in her job. Setting up Wordpress sites, installing plugins, updating themes. Also some automated text generation programming.

Then there is "dev-evangelism" where you basically do some marketing activities to make tech of some company more interesting for developers. These people often do marketing and coding (to showcase the tech they evangelize).

Is becoming full stack out of the question?

No, just a question of the time you want to spend on it.

And alas, if I don't use React, am I still a developer?

Probably. React isn't the only way to create complex UIs. There is Angular, Vue, Ember, Cycle, jQuery, etc. pp.

I think you're just a bit behind, if you have the core HTTP/HTML/CSS/JS skills, it shouldn't be too hard to get into something more complex that builds upon them...

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