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Good writeup :)

After using reflection in Java and PHP I had the impression that JavaScript is even better in that way, because classes are implemented dynamically and can be accessed without extra magic, almost homoiconic.


JavaScript and reflection is an interesting concept, as JavaScript doesnt really have the notion of classes,as everything is an object and already being a dynamic language things get a bit murky.

But ES5 and more so ES6 do contain a Reflection Api. This great article goes way more in depth on the topic then i ever could: ponyfoo.com/articles/es6-reflectio...


Thanks Chris for the reference to ponyfoo.com ! I didn't know that website, and will definitely hang out there more often !

It's great right! Looks like it's had a visual overhaul since I posted this too! Looks even better now.

Yup, and it's a PWA too so I feel even better browsing it 😁

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