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So true.

I met many senior devs, who did >20 years of C and never wanted to learn something new, some of them getting unemployed in the process.

It seemed to me that they simply feared to become a newbie in the new technology and they wanted to be the awesome C dev they grow to be over the years.

Only the best tried new things every now and then and didn't fear to ask dumb newbie questions. That's how they became constantly successfull in their lifes.


Wow. That emphasizes this quote from the post which got to me the most:

So, every once in a while, put yourself in that place again. A place where you are the person who knows the least in the room. A place full of doubts and discomfort. But, every time you choose to go back, it will be a little bit easier each time and you will grow for the next time around.

Thank you Damien.

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