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Isn't ethereum so slow that in does less than 100 TX per second?

How should this work?


You're right, Ethereum is slow.

And it has a host of other issues that need to be solved before mass adoption (environmental impact of proof of work chains is number one on my list, before transaction volume).

And, this technology is being developed in the open so we can see all the problems as they come up.

I certainly don't think you should throw away your credit card and your Heroku account tomorrow! What I do think is that something that has it's roots in Ethereum is going to be ubiquitous in the future, and you can see a glimpse of it today. And there's a good chance that thing will still be called Ethereum but it's hard to say.



Today I read the term Edge Computing, which seems to be the new buzzword for doing things decentralized on the edge of the cloud (Desktops/Smartphones etc).

Question is, which tech will prevail?

There is Ethereum, there is dat, there is IPFS...

Honestly, I have no idea, and that's okay.

I view this as a technologist not as an investor, and I'm excited to play with all of it!

(So far, we've tried putting the DApp on IPFS and serving images from there.)

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