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Discussion on: What tech did you use to build your personal website/portfolio?

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Kim Arnett 

Wordpress. And I'm extremely not sorry.

When I first built my super simple site, I used PHP, and customized everything. I wanted to show off my skills I learned in college, etc etc.

I didn't follow the web developer track - I went into mobile. After doing so, I realized a few things about maintaining my website.

  1. Recruiters do not care what your website was built with. Even most managers couldn't care less.
  2. I needed something that maintained itself, because I no longer had time to maintain it every year (after getting hacked).
  3. Having a blog was a huge driving factor for me... I want perspective employers to be impressed with the content I'm creating, not focused on what version of JS I'm using.. or whatever web people look at now a days :P

Today my website is 100% blog. I'm hoping to add a store to sell some of the things I've designed. But Wordpress has made it a no-mess no-stress task for me, and completely meets my needs for now.

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David Kaplan • Edited

That's awesome Kim! WordPress and PHP used to, maybe still do, get a sideways look sometimes but they are solid, aren't going anywhere and are solid. I'm trying to take my PHP scrappiness over to Laravel. You might check it out if you like WP.

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Jacob Baker Author

No judgement here! My long-standing website is currently WordPress with a custom theme because it was the quickest & easiest thing for me to do at the time to get something out there with my name on it.

Your reasons are so on point.