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Discussion on: What do you eat at work?

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Kim Arnett 

I second/third/whatever drinking plenty of water!

I'll bring sandwiches, left overs, did the lean cuisine thing for a while but I have to go in cycles - or I get burnt out on stuff. When I get sick of ham and cheese sandwiches, I'll make egg salad one night for the next couple days. I don't have a lot of time in the morning, so chip bags, yogurt, applesauce, pre-packaged stuff is my go to.

Only took a week of weeding out eating-out every day when I started to feel better and less like I wanted to binge-eat every meal!

Start by aiming for bringing your lunch 2 days.. then slowly work up to more. I did this with getting to the gym, and it made "making it a habit" A LOT easier.