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Discussion on: Questioning "The Man"

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Kim Arnett  Author

Sure thing, I guess I'm really just encouraging junior devs to question things more and figure out if there's a reason (x) is being implemented this way, or if it's because lots always been that way. I know it would have helped me out a lot sooner to poke my head up every once in a while. 😊

But completely true, our experiences only make us better 👍🏻

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Kasey Speakman

Oh absolutely. When I typed my reply, I think I skipped the step linking what I said with my agreement of your post. :) Definitely question the cargo cult. If you don't know why "this is the way we do things", question it and try something different. Even if there was a valid reason for using some awkward pattern/process, it obviously wasn't documented and that gives you a chance to rediscover it and propagate that knowledge. But best case, there was no valid reason and coding life improves. :)