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Discussion on: Freelance advice for past me

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Kim Arnett 

I'd love to do free lance some day but it just never seems feasible. Clients walked all over me, all the time, then I was giving away free work to try and keep a relationship going. D:

I'm interested to hear more on the transition period for you, when did you realize you COULD do this full time & its feasibility.

Great tips BTW.

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Jonathan Yeong Author

Thanks for reading!

When my old company shut it's doors I gave myself a month to make a career decision. I could either try and find another job or freelance. It was during this month I talked to my old manager and other freelancers that I knew. This actually secured me a couple of leads that would allow me to survive for the first month. That's when I made the choice to do this full time, in hindsight it seems like a rash decision!

Feasibility wise - you have to be reasonable with yourself. I knew that I was taking a pay cut. I cut down on a lot of my expenses. And thankfully my parents helped me out with rent. Eventually, I started to pull in larger projects. But this was only after 4-5 months of living frugally.