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Various reasons I've quit previous jobs/teams are

  1. Not being challenged enough

  2. Company morals became more and more corrupt, environment became cliquey and un-welcoming.

  3. Once a safety concern forced me to quickly find another team

  4. No manager support to grow and expand and reach my career goals

  5. Continually being lied to about being able to take time off/ WFH when I needed to / BENEFITS / PAYDAY. Once my paycheck was a week late. My loan payments were not happy.

I think that's all the big things. My first job I was on 4 teams in under 2 years, and my second job I only lasted a year. Not a good track record thus far. lol.


Number 1) is hitting me hard at the moment. But I've only been there for 6 months! I'm not sure what to do about this situation at the moment, my CV would look bad.


First thing would be to talk to your manager and see if there’s anything you can do or another team that would be a better fit.

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