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Discussion on: Interview Questions You Should Ask

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Kim Arnett  Author • Edited

You're right, they won't explicitly tell you if they're soul is dying, lol, but you can typically tell if they're excited to talk about the company they work for, the high points, to answer your questions, etc, or if it takes them time to dig up something good to tell you.

I once asked in an interview if a company was attending an upcoming conference I was speaking at, and they said no, and I asked what other ways do you promote growth on your team.. and they hesitated and said we have an internal training tool.

So that gives me a few red flags - they weren't interested in supporting me going to this conference, it was something they would 'tolerate' and I definitely got the vibe they were not invested in promoting team growth, but that it was an individual responsibility that was expected to be done outside of work.

The point is that these questions can open up topics that may be deal breakers for you. :)