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Discussion on: Interview Questions You Should Ask

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Kim Arnett  Author

That is amazing! And honsetly I’ve done the same lol and have actually had the interviewer stop me because we were out of time. I think it was a good indicator to them though that they dictated our entire time together. 👎🏼

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Shawn Sommer

I've been fortunate that I haven't been cut off from my questions yet but I would most likely take it as a negative sign if they did.

I tend to ask a handful of company specific questions as well. Really, being prepared is the key to a successful interview. One of my former managers told me that one of the candidates he interviewed came with nothing in hand, not even his own resume. The candidate apparently also came off as cocky and his interview didn't last very long at all.

I always take multiple copies of my resume with me as well because sometimes I'll be talking to multiple people either in succession or in a group and I like for everyone to have a copy so they can offer input or ask questions regarding my skills and experiences.

I've found that a certain level of give and take between myself and the interviewer(s) is key in how I feel about working for a company. If all they do is "take" in an interview, it's a pretty safe bet that they are only looking to fill a seat and have little concern about the growth of their employees and are only looking for an immediate increase to their bottom line. However, if they are looking at how they can help an employee be better at their job (continuing education, professional organization membership, etc...) I can see they are probably thinking about the long-term ROI of bringing someone new onto their team. They recognize that my growth as a professional is an asset to the company and not just a "sunk cost" that they dole out as an afterthought.