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Days when I commit to catching up with little things in my life like cleaning my closet, some online shopping I've been meaning to get around to, and where I give myself plenty of extra time to accomplish all of it so I can fit in lots of random nothing time like walks with podcasts etc.

Those days really refresh me.


If I'm sort of burnt out but can't find the time to step away from my tasks: Music helps me deal. Sometimes it's relaxing music, sometimes it's more angsty/angry music, sometimes it's music from a past time in my life to stoke some nostalgia.

Anyway, I find the right music can help me get through stressful times and work away some of the burnout until I can fully rest.


For me, it's every album featuring Thom Yorke on a loop. I don't want to think about how many times I've listened to Radiohead albums, but it has to be in the hundreds by now. For whatever reason, that's the music that gets me through the last mile.

Fun fact: After finishing my last project, and listening to my last Radiohead album for the project, I immediately switched to "Graceland" by Paul Simon.


I like this idea as I like organizing:)


Whenever I feel I'm spiraling myself into a burnout cycle, I do a lot of house keeping.

One of the things I've noticed is that the bigger (and older) a certain project gets, the more frustration and stacked up todos I get on my wish list for that project.

So before I get myself head deep into a burnout, I set apart one or two days for reviewing my project in it's entirety, and try to organize it, by cleaning all those old methods, comments; implementing those small tasks that I have planned to build never did (perhaps that cool script for bootstrapping a test environment in a docker-compose file). In shorter terms, I stop with my daily basis tasks and try to make the project a little more fresh, cool looking without more tools that will aid my daily tasks.

Now, I work from home and I run my own business, so I'm more flexible than many of you may be to go about doing these things.

In the long run it seems that it helps me, as it gives me a sense of having a better version of the project.

I hope I helps. Just my fifty cents.


yes that's one of the things I should implement (review days)will probably help with the larger perspective of a project


While it does not solve all the problems, it gives one a refreshing feeling about the project one is into


Funny you should ask - that was me on Sunday. I'm designing a new system, and the design process was going poorly. Every idea I came up with was worse than the last, and frustration and depression were forming a vicious cycle.

So, I hopped in the car, brought 2 whole chickens and a bunch of vegetables, broke the chickens down into grilled chicken legs, fried chicken wings, chicken tenders, poached chicken breast chunks, and chicken stock. All the while I was watching episodes of "The Expanse" (maybe my 5th re-watching of the series) with Airpods and an iPad while I cooked. Took my mind off of work and gave my brain a break.

Today I'm back to normal, and my ideas are trending better over time, so I'm out of the worst of the burnout.


congratulations! that's testimony to your cooking :)


gaming ! it help a lot ( even if it can take time haha) i had like 3 burn out in 2 weeks because of school projects and when i took some gaming break, i got more motivated and i finished the projects !


I've experienced this while single-handedly working on my current side project right now. I tune my mindset to say:

  1. Have a strong motivation as to why you should complete the project. Set a high goal.
  2. It's okay to take a break, but always go back to the project (hence why #1 needs to be very strong.
  3. It's okay to take your time. You don't have to achieve your goals at 25 like them people in those Startup articles you just read.
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