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I developed production-size websites and SPAs using functional CSS ( custom-made framework after years of writing CSS, following the logic of , and still adhering to principles of ) and the speed of dev/productivity but also Visual Consistency I was able to achieve with this system was unheard of. (before even Component based architecture was a thing)
The principles behind it?
-> Don't fight with CSS rules - write less of them
-> Semantic Classes are overrated and offer no real-world technical or business advantages (check Facebook's source code)
-> using functional/atomic CSS you can compose "visual components" (even when not using React or Vue) which are repeatable - maintainable - easily redesignable
-> seeing a design you can quickly abstract all the visually repeatable elements, code your base classes, use SASS variables, and have a first draft of your website literally in no time.
Sorry to generalise, but there was a mass influx of ex-backend devs when React et co became a cool thing, and many of them don't really know their shit when it comes to CSS. They just use CSS scoped CSS, repeat everything and think they're doing a cool job serving megabytes of code.

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