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Salesforce Classic slow in Chrome? Use Firefox until Spring ‘20

katiekodes profile image Katie Originally published at on ・1 min read

Are your Salesforce "Classic" record pages loading slowly in Chrome, only to eventually load with broken content?

If you:

  1. Are using Salesforce in Classic mode (as opposed to Lightning Experience)
  2. Have special functionality embedded into record page layouts that, should you ask an admin/developer, turns out to be something called a "Visualforce component"
  3. Experience minutes-long page load times on record detail pages
  4. Notice that the "special embedded functionality" looks wrong when the page finally loads
  5. Are using Chrome to log into Salesforce

Use Firefox for this week.

Chrome's latest update ("SameSite" rules) broke certain features in Salesforce Classic.

According to Adam Gregory over on the Salesforce Developer discussion forum, things should sort themselves out as soon as the org you're using updates from "Winter '20" to "Spring '20" -- which for many companies is this weekend.

I'm only experiencing the problem in a production org still on Winter '20, but not in a sandbox already on Spring '20, so switch to Firefox and be patient for a few more days!

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