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Discussion on: 10 useful HTML5 features, you may not be using

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To me, map is quite a throwback! People used them for fanciful literal "site maps" on their personal home pages.

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Tapas Adhikary Author

You are absolutely right! However I was not aware of it until I figured out about it.. Hence the inclusion... 😁

Thanks Katie for reading the article!

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Klausbert • Edited

Yes, I had to switch from <map> to <svg> to get the same results in a responsive design.

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I agree. Svg is not only providing responsive design, but it is also so much more flexible! Svg is probably still the most underrated feature in web design. The only drawback is that you do not find too many advanced samples in the internet. So, if you like, have a look at my website for a sample on how to implement an svg based „imagemap“. Search in the code for the svg tag and within it for the xlink:href code. Enjoy!