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Discussion on: Why I Use Gatsby for My Website

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Katie • Edited

To the original author's point, you can use gatsby-plugin-no-javascript to make Gatsby render mere HTML production output a lot like what a more "traditional" SSG like Jekyll / Hugo / 11ty would render, while still getting a lot of the advantages of its rich plugin ecosystem such as gatsby-image.

I wish site builders like Wix would give you that sort of option. Like, help you lay out the CSS and help you do data entry, take care of optimizing images for you, then go away in production. But then I guess they wouldn't make any money over-analyzing you and your visitors.

I'm still choosing an SSG for my side project that's "just a website" (no need for client-side JavaScript except perhaps a toggle menu), but I'm considering "Gatsby with the extra JavaScript output turned off in production" for this reason.

That, and the fact that the extra JavaScript in "develop" mode opens up additional CMS possibilities with respect to live previews.