Win for the Week: What have you achieved?

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This week, I took the first of many Microsoft Office Specialist exams - and thankfully passed! I got a swanky badge with the Microsoft Word logo on it that I promptly fastened to my lanyard, the iconic shade of blue clashing wonderfully with the BB-8 themed neckwear; there was a noticeable skip in my step walking home. That skip translated nicely into some very swish dance moves I performed last night in a celebratory night on the town.

Next week, I've scheduled to take the Powerpoint MOS exam. :)

I've also begun working for the first time with Bulma. After fighting a little bit with command-line installation (a technique I'm not especially confident in), I finally managed to set up a template webpage with Bulma and VueJS. I can't wait to get started on that project!

So I want to know: what's been your win this week? Maybe it was as big as receiving a well-earned promotion or making the career change you'd been delaying for too long? Or perhaps it was something smaller but just as important. Perhaps you finally managed to walk the dog past that one bank of the river and not be dragged into the muddy water (I am absolutely speaking from horribly frigid experience[s]).

Let's spread the love: give yourselves a pat on the back in the comments below.

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  • I completed my second Hactoberfest challenge as of 10 min ago! 👻

  • Ran my first Cypress test. I never really implemented testing into my projects before, so this was all new to me.


Awesome, congratulations Dana! Did you have fun? :)

Oof, I can empathise a lot to that last one. What's your favourite thing that you've learnt? (apart from how to do Cypress testing of course :3)


Yes, I had fun.

I guess learning GraphQL since so many people have been talking about it. It was nice to try for the first time.

Ooh, exciting. I've always wanted to learn GraphQL - very envious.


Good for you! I also upped the ante with Angular by developing some complex SPAs.


Ooh, that sounds awesome! Congrats, friend. Any pictures? :D


-I did 3 hacktoberfest challenges, 1 more to go.

  • I made a wireframe for my Portfolio page and soon start working on that
  • I have a job interview in a few hours, so fingers crossed 🤓

Wow! 3 hacktoberfest challenges :O Have fun with the next one.

I can relate to the wireframing - I've just started mine as well. Good luck with your interview!!!!