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re: Thanks - this definitely mirrors my experience. Can I ask: how did you share the components across members of your team? Did you share across tea...

Within the dev team, we have the Component Library set up as it's own repo, so anyone on the team can check it out and make a branch for a new component they'd like to work on. We've already added the Component Library to all our main applications (in the same way you'd add d3, lodash, or any other external js library), so they have access to the components for any projects they're working on. Staying "insync" in that regard is just a matter of running yarn upgrade 'component-library' haha

For non-developers, we have a URL where they can view the Storybook – we use this internally as a kind of brand/style guide. We're in the process of working up to a full Design System, but for now this is helping us bridge the gap, and it allows non-devs to see the components we have as well as some more general brand info like colors, fonts, icons, etc. Beyond that, it's just a word-of-mouth thing – we include new/edited components in our sprint reviews and make a point of reminding folks about the existence of the library when they ask brand style-related questions.

Let me know if this answers your questions!


Yep, that's all good info. Thanks!

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