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Is It Possible to Use Typescript in an AngularJS application?

Yes, it is very much possible to use typescript in an Angular JS application. You will have to install the typings for Angular. You can do this with the TypeScript Definition Manager. Basically what this does is tell typescript how Angular is (strict) typed.

Using NPM:

npm install -g tsd
tsd install angular

AngularJS is an undisputed champion among all the front end web development frameworks, well I am no expert to say that since honestly I have not worked much with other popular libraries like Knockout, backbone, amberJS etc. but for last few months I have been exploring the AngularJS and I am loving it.

AngularJS brings several goodies to the table, it's very well designed, robust and well thought framework. In my opinion if you are a web developer, it’s totally worth it to invest your time learning angularJS even if you do not work much on the front end and do not plan to use it in your project in near future.

With the announcement in ng-conf about angularJS and TypeScript collaboration and “Angular 2: built on typescript” anouncement, there seems to be a lot of momentum shift in the developers community from JavaScript to TypeScript for angularJS projects.

You can go through all the TypeScript VS JavaScript comparisons to get a clear understanding of things.

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