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Best WordPress plugin to make your website satisfying.

90% of the world's population have been using smartphone devices. This implies that if you don't concentrate on enhancing your website's user interface and having it be more mobile-friendly, you'll lose sales.

You have around five seconds to capture a visitor's attention and convince them to linger on your website. That person will not return if your site does not function or loads quickly.

As a result, you must ensure that your site is mobile-optimized in order for it to load faster. Furthermore, it will send a favorable signal to search engines like Google, implying that your site will rank higher organically as a result.

Now mostly it may look like a hassle to optimize your website but the process has been made simpler with the help of WordPress plugins. In this article, we will have a look at the amazing WordPress plugins that will make your website look aesthetically pleasing as well as smooth to navigate.

But first, let us understand, what is a plugin?

A plugin, also known as a module (or extension), is a software program that adds new functionality to your website.

Since WordPress is open source and one can easily find a number of plugins available on the platform.

They are written in the PHP programming language (which is the foundation of the WordPress platform) and are designed to be conveniently downloaded from your WordPress site's administration screen.

WP Super Cache

Wp Super Cache, which has a rating of approximately 5 stars and is secure, is one of the top options for optimizing websites. People enjoy the variety of features this plugin has to offer.

Wp Super Cache can help increase your site's upload speed and can be used in conjunction with Auto Optimize. It is basically a cache plugin that saves and speeds up your site's pages without attempting to load any of WordPress’s scripts.

This plug-in transforms dynamic PHP codes into static HTML files, which is difficult for servers to interpret. And the greatest feature is that your website's visitors will have no idea what's going on, even though your traffic is heavy.

WP Super Cache is ideal for beginners because it needs little to no setup. If you're not familiar with the technological aspects of caching, you can easily enable the plugin and leave it to work.


Jetpack is a lot more complicated than WP Super Cache, and it arrives with a bunch of functionality to help you expand your site's traffic, secure it, and have your readers stay engaged.

This plugin offers a broad array of completely customizable functionalities that can be accessed directly from the administration line, including:

  1. Traffic tracking
  2. Social media sharing buttons
  3. Subscription options for the newsletter
  4. Personalization of user profiles on the website
  5. Article suggestions for grammar
  6. An editor for CSS


When we are talking about WordPress mobile solutions, WPTouch has to be one of the factors that click. This prominent plugin, which has over 6 million downloads, substitutes your site's content theme with a user-friendly, mobile-centric theme. It improves the web, making it quicker and easier to navigate.

WPtouch automatically applies a mobile-friendly theme to your site, but the overall theme remains the same. Furthermore, the content is unchanged. WPtouch simply adapts the content to various screen sizes. The URL of your website remains the same.

Since Google suggests WPtouch, your mobile search rankings may increase, which implies your website may appear on the first page of organic search results for particular terms and keywords that are important to your company.

Contact Form 7

One of the most important aspects of building trust and confidence for your brand is providing contact information. Despite the fact that it's such a simple feature, 51% of participants in a survey said contact information was absent from most business websites.

With over 1 million active downloads, Contact Form 7 is among the most common free WordPress plugins. With simple customizations, Akismet spam filtering, and CAPTCHA, it makes creating communication forms a convenient relationship.

In A Nutshell…

Mobile-friendly websites are increasingly important to search engines like Google, and this trend is expected to grow as we become more dependent on portable devices. With WordPress Plugin Development,WordPress Plugin Development, mobile optimization has become certainly easier.

The excellent thing would be that if you have a WordPress website, you can use a variety of plugins to enable you to further customize your site for phones and tablets without requiring a lot of knowledge and skills.

Just be careful to not get too sidetracked with the number of plugins you use, because if you do, you risk sacrificing the performance of the website, which is exactly what you're trying to improve.

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