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5 Programming Languages That Will Take Over 2021

katholder profile image Kat Holder ・4 min read

Programming languages are requisite for every type of IT and software company at present. In fact, with the increased mobile and web development, other sectors are also implementing the use of programming languages in their company for diversification of their services. We shall unveil the best programming languages that will take over 2021 and will be the top picks for future development.

There are several popular programming languages in use worldwide that are preferred for their wide range of tools and backed with vast community support. Also, cross-platform languages are being more demanded because of the multiple needs of applications under one development expert.

Have a look below at the compiled list of the 5 best programming languages that will take over 2021:

Python is one of the most pervasive languages when it comes to simplicity and adaptability. It facilitates an interactive learning environment and the syntax is English-like. Python is used to create many modern and secure websites, and it is also widely taught globally in schools. Since the language is convenient and interesting to learn for beginners, it will most likely continue to rise in popularity.

Python has gained its repute from its extensive applications like video games, 2D and 3D animation packages, scientific computations, and a lot more. Also, because of its implementation in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, it will continue to prosper as a language of the future.

JavaScript holds a significant position in the world of programming and is highly popular among developers. JavaScript is not just limited to adding elements on a web page and is also used for mobile applications and game development, web development, and more. It is also a very user-friendly language and can be easily grasped by beginners.

JavaScript can be entirely used for frontend development (through frameworks like React.js, and Angular) as well as backend development. JavaScript is already in use by giants like Facebook, Uber, Google, Microsoft, etc. With a vast community of developers and a huge pool of sources to learn, JavaScript is one of the best languages to look out for in 2021.That's why javascript vs java is one of major topic to Talk About.

Kotlin is a statically typed general-purpose programming language that is extensively used not just for developing Android applications but also for web, desktop, and server development. Just like Java, Kotlin uses JVM to compile the code. Java and Kotlin are efficient alternative programming languages when it comes to developing Android applications.

Kotlin is highly concise, accurate, and relatively easy to learn. This is the reason why Kotlin is being used intensively for several kinds of development projects. It is a bright option to look out for as a programming language in 2021.

Despite the fact that Go is not a particularly well-known programming language, it has seen a substantial increase in demand and recognition among developers in recent years. As per Stack Overflow, Go is one of the top five most popular programming languages among developers in 2020. Because of its clear and modern layout and syntax simplicity, Go has gained prominence among many major IT businesses.

Google, Twitch, Uber, and Dropbox, etc. are the companies making use of Go. It comes with a slew of useful features, including garbage collection, dynamic typing, type protection, high reliability and performance, and so on. With a modernized structure and ease of usage, Go will only grow bigger in the coming time.

This is one programming language that will never lose its charm among developers. Each year, JAVA receives a high ranking, demonstrating that it is still popular and in demand in the technology sector. The Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) functionality of this general-purpose programming language has now become a staple for apps that can be used on any platform.

Java is a popular programming language for web and application creation, and also data analytics. Several well-known websites, including Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon, use Java in their backends. Because of its high demand in the technology industry, large community support, common frameworks, and a variety of useful features such as multithreading, automatic memory allocation and garbage collection, platform independence, and so on, JAVA will continue to provide you with numerous rewarding career prospects in the near future.

Understanding the ropes of programming will place you apart from your peers and give you a comparative benefit in today's tech-driven world. With modernized developments in programming languages and ever-increasing community support, the atmosphere of coding is only getting stronger with each passing year. These were the top 5 picks for programming languages that will take over 2021, and you should surely give each one of them a try and pick your best option!

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