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If I had the money and no opportunities to network in my city, a bootcamp would be the way I would go. Luckily, I live in a city where every meetup you go to leads you to at least 2+ new connections, and almost every one of those connections led me to opportunities. I went to around 6 meetups in two weeks, and had over 6 interviews from those meetup connections alone. Networking works!

I am self-taught and completed Colt Steele's The Web Developer Bootcamp (which took me around 12 full-time weeks). I received a job 2 weeks after completion. Here's the caveat: I didn't wait for a dev job. I went into testing instead.

I took a QA test engineer role with a track to move into automated testing, then eventually a web dev role if I want to. Partly, this was because I was just so eager to get into technology that I didn't really care what aspect of the industry I got into, but the other half was financial. I wanted a paycheck while I explore the industry and what my likes/dislikes are.

If I were to have waited to get a dev job--it could have been another 6 months of self-study, projects, etc. It's just really up to you-- what's your timeline, what are your financial considerations, etc.

Ok that was a long response, sorry! Best of luck and keep us posted on what you do :)


Networking is great and one of those skills I need to become better at. I have a hard time with it sometimes because it's like choosing between that and staying home. Not to mention I'm well aware I'm losing out by not networking. I am a co-organizer of Ladies That UX in my area and it's been a great thing to join but I need to step things up in terms of the job search (definitely can't say I've gotten interviews and I've been there a year lol).

And no worries for the long response, I'm all ears! I keep sitting here having faith and hope that maybe I'll land that dev job if I just do the online coding bootcamp. He says at the beginning it's the 'only bootcamp' you'll need to become a developer and I can't help but think on one hand that it's too good to be true. Idk if that's experience or what.

I worry a lot about the time and the money. I'm currently a full time employee as well as volunteer at a Children's Hospital plus active in my church and taking care of my mom from a stroke she had 6 months ago. I code during downtime at work at after work too when I have time but occasionally I need some rest or a break.

Thank you for your input, Kate! <3


Wow, kudos to you for all the plates you're keeping spinning while staying dedicated to learning. Rooting for you! Can't wait to hear what you decide.

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