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COVID-19 Update: Katalon is Making Changes for You

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Katalon COVID-19 Update

We understand that the global Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) is putting our communities, works, and lives in an unprecedented and challenging situation. It is our responsibility to keep you updated on how we are doing our part, and hopefully give you a piece of good news to brighten up your day.

We are making some crucial changes to help you navigate the difficult time. Specifically, we will provide technical and business support to maintain work continuity and lessen the impacts on the Katalon community.

Katalon will ensure operations and business flow

Katalon will ensure operations and business flow

As the situation gets complicated, we understand that you might get worried about our services. That is why we want to inform you that the team at Katalon have made the necessary policies and actions to ensure business operations:

  • Guarantee all server systems stay functional 24/7
  • Focus on virtual events and conferences instead of in-person ones
  • Provide VPN access and company-issued computers for our employees to work remotely
  • Implement mandatory travel restrictions and work-from-home encouragement for all Katalon employees
  • Keep our employees updated with all the influences related to the global COVID-19 pandemic

Katalon’s technical and business support for our customers

Katalon’s technical and business support for our customers

When the time calls for changes, we want to be with our community. To help you cope with the crisis, we are offering:

  • For Katalon Studio Enterprise paid users: 1 free Extra License with 3 months validation — to support your remote work.
  • For Katalon Studio Enterprise trial users: An extension for your Trial period (up to 30 days) — depends on your needs.

To redeem the offers above, please send an email to with the following info:

– Email Title: [Extra License Request] or [Extend Trial Request]

– Your Organization ID (can be found on TestOps)

– The Owner Email

We build Katalon together with all of you. That’s why it’s our job and privilege to share your burden and help ease the impacts for the Katalon community throughout this challenging time. We are keeping track of the situation daily and will have further updates on this blog.

We do hope everyone stays safe and be strong,

Katalon Team.

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