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Discussion on: 10 Reasons NOT to use Go for your next project

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Kasun Vithanage • Edited on

Go and Rust have a similar way of handling errors: (T,error) and Result

They are similar looking but Rust forces you to handle this Result type by considering error or it wont compile at all. (unless you use unwrap() which is basically handling it somehow).

In Go, its not forced to handle the errors. You can easily skip errors and have them pop up in production without you ever knowing

For example in here I ve skipped error handling and the program still compiles.

data, _ := os.ReadFile("/tmp/data")
// use data anyway
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But in runtime, this can panic the program without the programmer ever knowing.

In Rust, this is a different story

let data = fs::read_to_string('/tmp/data')
        .expect("Something went wrong reading the file");
// data is present always
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In here without expect or proper error handling, program wont even compile.

So in my opinion,

  • Having to handle error where it occures is a Plus point in Go, its very easy to spot an error
  • Not having a way to safeguard against skipped error handling is a fatal mistake(i know IDEs can help, but still that can lead to problems in Prod)