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Emanuele Bartolesi
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What’s in my bag when I go to the office (September 2022 Edition)

Basically, I work remotely in the last 5 years right now.
And I love it. I think I should have some problems to do a step back to a “normal” office daily life.
By the way, since I joined SoftwareONE, I have to go in the office once a month (at least).
It’s ok to break the routine and spend a lot of hours with my team and the other colleagues.
But what I bring with me when I go to the office?

I don’t have a fixed setup and I change the content of my bag two or three times during the year.

Right now, I have the following setup:

  • Microsoft Laptop 4: it's not my primary device because at home I use my gaming pc for working. But I use the laptop a few hours each week when I want to work in another room at home.
  • iPad: it's useful during the travel (I take the train for 45 minutes) and during the day for watching tutorials or listening Spotify (and preserve battery life on the laptop)
  • Logitech M705 Marathon: I have this dedicated mouse for the laptop. It's very similar to the mouse that I use every day, the Logitech MX Master. I love the Logitech mouse series.
  • USB-C Docking: in the office all seats have the dedicated docking station, but who doesn't know if you have to do a presentation in a conference room or you have to work in a meeting room and you need more connections for displays or additional USB ports.
  • a Presenter: same as the point above. It's small and it's not heavy to bring in the bag. So, why not?
  • a portable USB-C display: it's an additional display 15.6 inch that you can easily use as a second monitor. You can use the USB-C to provide power to the display and it's useful if you are in a meeting room and you need a second display during a meeting or during a presentation. You can share this screen in the call, and you can use the main display of the laptop as the main display.
  • USB Hard disk: we are living in the cloud era, I know. But it can happen that you need to share big amounts of data with your colleagues or an ISO image or whatever. (I have additional 2-3 usb keys in the bag)
  • Sennheiser HD BT450: I reviewed this headphone here on my blog a few months ago. They are good to have some isolation during the day. We have an open space and everyone are in the calls during the day. 🙂
  • Cables, Cables, Cables: I have multiple cables in a small bag for everything: HDMI, usb, usb-c and much more. You never know.
  • Powerbank: I have a backup powerbank (it's not in the photo). It can recharge my phone and/or my laptop if needed.

What do you think? Is it enough? Is it too much?


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Bernd Wechner

Wow, I just pack lunch 😉

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