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Tools I use every day

It's very usual when I have a speech at an event or on Discord/Twitter to receive the same question: what are you using during your daily basis activities?

I tried to create a list of them.


I use GitHub to store my source code for work and for my side projects. But not only to store source code and files but also GitHub Actions to publish the binaries in different environments.
We use GitHub in my startup as well.


I use Notion for everything. Literally everything.
From the todo list to the projects information. The 90% of the time I use my own Notion template for the Second Brain.
If you are curious, you can take a look to it:

JetBrains Rider

My favorite IDE for .NET Projects and JavaScript projects. I am a Visual Studio Code big fan, but my main editor is Rider at the moment. I can work on the fronted and on the backend inside the same IDE.

VS Code

As I mentioned in the previous section, I use Rider but I use also very often VS Code to open JSON files or when I work only on the frontend projects.


For sure my main source for music during the day. For a lot of hours I listen retrowave/coldwave music.
I have created a playlist for developers with only instrumental songs (in retrowave taste).

Windows Terminal

I use the terminal very often for Git Flow and during my frontend development.
Since many years my only terminal application is Windows Terminal.
You can customize everything on it: from the theme to the tabs in terminal.

MS Edge/ Edge Beta/ Edge Dev

I use all of Edge versions on my development machine.
The stable version to search and navigate on internet. I use the beta for development tools and portals.
I use the dev version to debug my applications.


For work I create a lot of web API and I need to test them.
I use Swagger but my main tool to test them is Postman.
I have created a lot of profiles and folders on it grouped by customers or products.

Of course, I use other programs during the day but I will update this list time to time with the latest additions.

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it interesting!

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