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My 3 favourites Windows Apps from the Store (free)

Since 10 years (more or less) Microsoft has a store for the Apps.
The latest version in Windows 11 is really cool and more user-friendly.
One of the benefits to use the Microsoft Store is the applications updates automatically where an update is available from the store.


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Powertoys is a set of utilities created by Microsoft and it contains a lot of useful features for your desktop and a lot of "shortcuts" for productivity.

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My favourites tool inside PowerToys are:

  • Fancy Zones: you are allow to create custom window layouts and arrange all the windows very easily on them
  • Run: it's like the macOS Spotlight with a lot of utilities inside like searching file, a calculator, system tasks and much more.

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You can find additional information about PowerToys here.


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Are you annoyed about your File Explorer and you need a powerful one?
Files it's for you.

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The best feature is: tabs.
You can have multiple explorer windows in one window but organized in tabs.
It also looks nicer than the normal File Explorer and more fluid.
It's open source and it's written in WPF.


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I discovered this application only a few weeks ago and it became one of the best app for me.
I am an handwriting notes fan and this app solves my problem to take notes on my pc.
Especially with my Surface Book 3.
I can use my Surface Pen and takes note on the fly on it.
Very often I use my Book 3 without the keyboard close to my main PC just for taking notes.

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It's still a Microsoft Garage project but it works very well.
Of course, it's free but it has a lot of features that you can find only inside professional applications.

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Hi Kasuken, I try all app and it's wonderful, but I don't found how to set Files to default application. Can you help me?

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