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How to watch Star Wars in your terminal

Every year for the 4th of May there is a surprise for us. 🙂
If you are a Star Wars fan, May is always an interesting month.

Do you want to watch the Episode IV in an alternative way?
You can watch the film directly from your favorite terminal.

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In my case I am using Windows Terminal, but it works in every terminals.
You just need telnet installed on your machine.

Install Telnet on Windows 11

Telnet is not installed by default on Windows 11 (in Windows 10, as well) but you can install it very easily from the Command Prompt.
Open a terminal and launch the command below:

dism /online /Enable-Feature /FeatureName:TelnetClient
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Close all the terminal windows.

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Watch the movie

As I mentioned before I use Windows Terminal as default terminal during my daily activities.
To watch the movie, open Windows Terminal and launch the command below:

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Enjoy the movie!!! 😀

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megasuperlexa profile image

since the original host is no more, I host a copy at

bayuapriansah profile image
bayuapriansah • Edited

thanks :D

can you share the source and the step then put it on github? :D
just in case, the site is also down or disappear someday

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