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How to record a video for your app

The best way to explain how your app or your SaaS works, it's provide to your users or investors a video.
People prefer to watch a video than read a long document with features, texts and image.

The Script

Try to write down some bullet points with the main topics you would like to show to the users.
Then, expand all bullet points into sentences with some details but it's important to have a simple and informal language and style.
There isn't a fixed rule about the length of the final video: some pitch for the investors are one minutes or two, but if you want to explain all the features to the end users, you can also create videos longer than five minutes.

Record the video

There are several software to record your screen and your camera. I used to use Camtasia (actually it's installed on my machine in this moment) but other people use Loom or other very known software like OBS. It's up to you.
But in the last few weeks I discovered a new good alternative to Camtasia and it's free and it's very powerful!
The application is called Clipchamp.

This application is preinstalled on your Windows 11, but if not, you can find it from the Windows Store.

I found a good tutorial about Clipchamp and you can watch it if you are not familiar with video editing.

You can use the app for free, but there is also a plan with a lot of premium features.

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Voice Over

You can decide to record your video with your webcam or without the webcam. In this case, if you use Clipchamp, you are not allow to record your voice, but just your screen.
It's not a big problem because, honestly, the free version is enough for the most of us.

By the way, on Windows 11, you can record a voice over with another free app from the Store: Windows Sound Recorder.

With this tool, you can record your voice, save the file on your pc and use it into Clipchamp or another video editor.

Background Music

Finding the right background music is never easy and you must pay attention on the royalty for the music.
This is the reason why very often I use Audiojungle.
It's another Envato store but it's full of good music and sounds. Prices are very low and starting from 1$ you can have a good quality. I totally recommend it.


Create the perfect videos for users and investors is never easy, but you have the right tools, it's just more easy. 😊
Have a nice video recording and editing!

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