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Change GitHub account on Windows

During my awesome experience as LinkedIn Instructor I use several accounts for GitHub.
My private one, one for work and one for recording videos.
Switching accounts is not an easy task to do, especially on Windows.
Windows store the credentials in the Credential Manager which is in the Control Panel.

To change and to switch between accounts, you can open the Control Panel and then navigate to the Credential Manager.
Scroll until an entry called "git:".
Click on "Remove" button below the entry.

credential manager

Now you can open or come back to a terminal and launch a command like "git fetch" or "git push".

A new GitHub window will open, and you can click on "Sign in with the browser", enter the credentials and everything come back to work as usual, but with the new account.

Sign in with the browser

Thanks for reading this post, I hope you found it interesting!

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