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Accessing hidden Edge Features and Settings

Microsoft Edge is the latest web browser from Microsoft that is designed to offer a fast, secure and seamless browsing experience to users. Despite its popularity, many users are not aware of the hidden features and settings that Edge has to offer. These features can significantly enhance the browsing experience by allowing users to customize the way they browse the web and make the most of their online time. From productivity enhancements to privacy and security options, this article will take a closer look at some of the best-hidden features and settings in Microsoft Edge that you may not know about. Whether you are a casual user or a power user, these hidden features are sure to enhance your browsing experience and help you make the most of your online time.


If you type in the address bar edge://about, you can access to all Edge's internal pages.
From this list you can recognize some known pages like edge://newtab or edge://bookmarks



This page is really important because it's where all the Edge experimental features are present.
The list is very long and you can try to enable or disable some experimental features at your risk.



In this page you can find all information about the Edge build.



This page display all the third libraries and their relative licenses.


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